Fic Exchange Tropes Masterpost
So, at this point, I've done enough fic exchanges, that it might be helpful to make a masterpost of tropes and such that I love and dislike and things that trigger me.

Love:  Get together fic and assorted tropes such as pining, bad flirting, dates that one side think is platonic; hurt/comfort of both the physical and emotional kind; recovery fic, especially dealing with mental illness and emotional trauma; baby fic and mpreg; pets, including pets as therapy and actual pet!fic, weddings/marriage fic, including proposals; ot3 and poly ships; holiday fic, especially Haloween

Dislike: mirror verse fic or fic where a canon good guy is the villain; overly explicit violence done to good guys; love triangles

Triggers:  Explicit rape, explicit scat or blood, bloodplay in bdsm

Just so you know, I am always happy to talk with you if you're worried something might be triggering or if you want to bounce ideas with me.


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